Offering diabetics a pain-free, consistent, and dependable method of monitoring and tracking blood sugar levels, continuous glucose monitoring is the newest weapon in the fight against diabetes. Approved for use by the FDA, the innovative device gives those who suffer from either Type I or Type II diabetes an alternative way to properly control their glucose levels and, therefore, the symptoms of their disease.


As one of the first medical supply companies in the nation to offer CGN devices for in-home medical use, we hope to alleviate the pain and frustration experienced with other glucose monitoring systems. Working with Medicare patients and insurance providers, we give simple, hassle-free access to the best in diabetic care.

How CGM Works

Though CGM doesn’t completely replace your home monitor, the device does make blood sugar control easy, providing instant alerts when glucose levels reach dangerously high or low levels. Providing consistent information regarding the level of sugar in your blood, CGM devices are placed either under the skin of your abdomen or can be adhered to the back of the user’s arm. Sensors within the patch send the gathered information to a unit in timed intervals of up to 15 minutes. Your blood glucose levels are displayed and updated at one, five, 10 and 15 minutes. You can then download your results for improved management of your disease.
Personal CGM devices can be used by anyone two years of age or older and are recommended for those with:

  • Unexplainable significant fluctuations in glucose levels
  • Gestational diabetes
  • An insulin pump
  • Hypo- or hyperglycemia

To find out if you’re a candidate for a continuous glucose monitoring system, contact a GNS Medical Supplies representative.